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Fine clay ballerina sculpture.

Basket weave chandelier

Stunning chandelier made of an interesting mixture of hand woven basket shapes.

Big Foot Planter

Impacting, fun for any garden with personalty.

Blue Pedestal

Fresh oceanic look pedestal, works great with Sea Horse Vase.

Butterfly Bliss Trunk Lamps

Amazing chandelier style trunk piece.

Conffeti speckled glass large

Color splashedhand blown glassware.

Conffeti speckled glass large (set of 4)

Color splashedhand blown glassware set of 4 handblown glasses.

Conffeti speckled glass small

Textured fun colorful glassware.

Conffeti speckled glass small (set of 4)

Textured fun colorful glassware set of 4 short handblown glasses.

Conffeti speckled martini glass

Textured fun colorful martini handblown glass.

Conffeti speckled martini glass (set of 4)

Textured fun colorful glassware set of 4 martini handblown glasses.

Conffeti stained glass large

Color splashed handblown glassware.