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Fine clay ballerina sculpture.

Big Foot Planter

Impacting, fun for any garden with personalty.

Blue Pedestal

Fresh oceanic look pedestal, works great with Sea Horse Vase.

Butterfly Bliss Trunk Lamps

Amazing chandelier style trunk piece.

Fish plaque

Low relef fish plaque with stand.

Mercel face pots (set of 4)

Set of 4 plantters representing beautiful idols heads.

Metalic Pedestal

Brilliant fine pedestal that will highligt any piece, goes well with 2 hands planter.

Muttley Sculpture

Fun version of garden highlighting piece.

Offering Hands Pot

Large spiritual design planter, helps create a zen outdoor space.

Sea Horse Vase

$63.50 $54.99
Artistic fresh oceanic piece.

Skull pot for wall

Decorative skull shaped clay planters for wall.

Tajin vase (set of 3)

Set of 3 fine pre columbian style clay vases.